Technical-Networking Meetings

PWI NSW holds five Technical-Networking Meetings per year to provide members with a technical focus, enhance knowledge sharing and encourage regular networking amongst members.

Meetings are held at the Sydney Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney.

Technical Meeting Sponsors for 2018 are:

22 February 2018



18 April 2018 (Wednesday)


Sydney Trains

21 June 2018



16 August 2018


WSP (Guest)

15 November 2018



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Thursday 15th November 2018 @ 5pm

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Design automation and data analysis

Managing staff competence in the rail industry isn’t a new concept, but it is one that seems to cause both the employee and the employer one of the biggest headaches. In an industry that is moving more towards self-management and assurance, this is a crucial area for AEOs to get right. Trevor Moore (formerly ARTC) will present on the importance of developing and maintaining staff competence, including:
• Benefits of a positive mindset to competency management
• Proactive vs reactive competency management
• Best practice for competence management
• Managing a workforce with multiple competency framework requirements




Previous Technical-Networking Meeting
Thursday 16th August 2018 @ 5pm

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Design automation and data analysis

Practical applications on rail projects

The design of modern transport infrastructure is a highly iterative process, with many options needing to be designed and tested to ensure the optimal customer outcome. In such an environment, parametric design tools that can compute key metrics about the functionality and efficiency of a design and automatically test the viability of different options and allow for more optioneering in less time, with greater confidence and evidence that the right design decision has been made. This talk will discuss a number of the tools and methodologies that were used by WSP on recent project to rapidly design and test different rail design options. These tools include: • A 3D approach to tunnel space-proofing allowing rapid clash detection and adjustment • Measuring customer connectivity to employment / education and health services • Selecting optimal locations for station entrances and interchange facilities to ensure access for mobility impaired customers




Technical-Networking Meeting Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities for the Technical Meetings are opened and sought from the AGM in August each year. Alternatively companies can make a nomination to sponsor a meeting by emailing the PWI meetings sub-committee on meetings@pwinsw.org.au

Sponsorship of 2019 Technical Meetings will be opened at the 2018 AGM (16th August).


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