Technical-Networking Meetings

PWI NSW holds five Technical-Networking Meetings per year to provide members with a technical focus, enhance knowledge sharing and encourage regular networking amongst members.

Meetings are held at the Sydney Masonic Centre, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney.

Technical Meeting Sponsors for 2018 are:

22 February 2018


Delkor Rail

19 April 2018


Sydney Trains (TBC)

21 June 2018



16 August 2018



15 November 2018



Next Technical-Networking Meeting
Thursday 16th November 2017 @ 5pm

Proudly sponsored by TfNSW - ASA

The Asset Standards Authority (ASA) is a key strategic branch within Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Its purpose is to develop, promote and enable safety and asset assurance for Transport. To do that, ASA provides products and services to both the Transport cluster and our industry partners by creating and managing the governance models, documents and processes which fulfil TfNSW requirements for responsible asset stewardship and safety assurance.
The Asset Standards Authority focuses on five primary tasks:
1. Improving Transport’s asset management.
2. Creating standards to assure safety, innovation and ‘fit for purpose’ Transport assets.
3. Managing the ‘Authorised Engineering Organisation’ (AEO) program.
4. Collaborating with industry through robust and effective engagement.
5. Developing capability of Transport and industry.

Sydney’s New Metro compared and contrasted with Heavy Rail – A PerWay view

John Paff, Lead Track Engineer at Transport for NSW Asset Standards Authority, alongside the designers and constructors of Sydney Metro North West, will present the perway aspects of metro / rapid transit systems and provide a comparison with traditional heavy rail systems
Construction of Sydney Metro North West is powering ahead and others are in the planning stage. This presentation will provide a comparison between traditional heavy rail systems to the metro / rapid transit systems that will soon be operating in Sydney and will focus on the design and construction of these mass transit networks in particular.

Previous Technical Meeting
Thursday 17th August 2017

Proudly sponsored by Speno

Speno Rail Maintenance Australia (Speno) is a leading Rail Grinding and Rail Inspection provider in the Australasian market. Speno will be presenting on how they have used Technology and Innovation to add value and deliver a high quality service to the network owners on two fronts.

PWI: Technology and Innovation to add value and deliver a high quality service to the network owners on two fronts
Presenter - Bazil Miller. General Manager Speno Rail Maintenance Australia.
Speno have built a Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) for a privately owned heavy haul network in the Pilbara, WA. The MPP provides the client with highly accurate, quality data in a single run including high speed Ultrasonic, Track Geometry, Rail Profile and Head loss as well as a Vision System for track irregularities. Thus reducing the track possession footprint and providing a one stop shop for supplying the critical track data to integrate into their track condition monitoring system.
Speno’s latest generation Road/Rail Utility Switch Grinder now has 12 stones instead of 8 in the last generation. The Utility Grinder is primarily used for switch and turnout grinding but can also be utilised for crossing and plain line grinding. This machine delivers increased capacity while maintaining the flexibility of being Road/Rail adding value to the network owners

Technical-Networking Meeting Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities for the Technical Meetings are opened and sought from the AGM in August each year. Alternatively companies can make a nomination to sponsor a meeting by emailing the PWI meetings sub-comitee on meetings@pwinsw.org.au

Sponsorship of 2018 Technical Meetings will be opened at the 2017 AGM (17th August).


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