2019 PWI NSW Annual Convention
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Friday 1 November 2019
Location : BATHURST

RAIL: Better by a Country Mile



CLOSES: 28 JUNE 2019

Help the PWI celebrate the regional rail network in Bathurst. Share your knowledge and experience of life in the country railways – the history, the projects, the challenges, the innovations, the friendships, the life that comes with being part of the regional rail family, or your vision for the future of regional and country railways!
If you think you have an interesting topic to share, send us an abstract at info@pwinsw.org.au. Keep it short and sweet, and don’t forget to leave your contact details!


Convention Calendar 2019

Thursday 31 October 2019

Special PWI Train to Bathurst

Thursday 31 October 2019

Site Tour - VAE Rail Welding Depot, Bathurst

Friday 1 November 2019

2019 PWI Annual Convention


A Site Tour and Pre-registration Event will be held at the VAE Rail Welding Depot in Bathurst on Thursday 31 October 2019. Further details to be provided in due course, so stay tuned!



2018 PWI NSW Annual Convention
Was held on Friday 9 November 2018
at the International Convention Centre

The 2018 programme can be found Here

Last year's Annual Journal can be found Here

2018 Convention and Networking Event Photos can be found Here


This year’s PWI NSW Annual Convention took a broad look at the rail industry and the role that we play in bringing different modes of travel together and delivering an efficient transport network for both passengers and freight. As always, the convention represents one of the best value one-day conferences on the rail industry calendar.
Held on Friday 9th November at the International Convention Centre, almost 400 delegates joined us for the day as we took a wide-ranging look at the multimodal aspects of the rail industry.

Keynote speaker John Lee – CEO of Australian Sailing, Board Member for Cross River Rail Delivery Authority and former Director General for NSW Transport among other high-profile postings opened proceedings with an energetic and inquisitive address that asked the question “What would John Bradfield think of today’s transport network?”.

Our presentations throughout the day were from a wide-range of perspectives. John Karaboulis, Executive Director, Service Delivery & Asset Management at Transport for NSW kicked things off with an overview of the multimodal transport service and asset portfolio that is managed by Transport for NSW. He elaborated on a new generation of public transport service contracts, including the recent Station Link services, Sydney Ferries services, bus strategy opportunities to facilitate future projects such as Sydney Metro and Parramatta Light Rail, and operations and maintenance of the Country Regional Network.

Mark Dunlop, General Manager of Keolis Downer Hunter outlined how the customer experience has been improved in Newcastle through timetable harmonisation, improved passenger information, on-demand services and provision of infrastructure that facilitates easy interchange.

David Neeves, General Manager of Gilgandra Shire Council provided a stakeholder’s perspective of Inland Rail; taking a proactive approach to become part of the solution. While working with the community to represent affected land owners and advocate for community consultation and social Upperformance measures, David outlined Council’s strategy to capitalise on this nation-building project. This included informing themselves with the basics of rail construction to then undertake an opportunity assessment and ultimately develop projects to support the construction of Inland Rail.
Finally, Steven La from E3 Advisory provided an insight into Integrated Transport Development and the shift in thinking around rail infrastructure projects as catalysts for urban development and renewal with a stronger focus on integrated land use and development.

Our afternoon panel session was hosted by Jacqueline Linke, and included Tanya Johnstone – Director Transformation, NSW TrainLink; Samiha Najem – Senior Manager Strategic Asset Management, Transport for NSW; Abdul Jamal – Design Engineer, John Holland; Darren Hayward - NSW/ACT Rail Manager, John Holland and Howard Collins OBE – Chief Executive, Sydney Trains.

The day was capped off with the post-convention networking event sponsored by WSP, held at the Watershed Hotel and attended by over 280 delegates.
Thank you to all of our enhanced corporate members for their continuing support which allows us to organise events such as this. Planning is already underway for the 2019 PWI Annual Convention – ‘Rail – Better by a Country Mile’. Throughout the day, we continued the tradition of recognising outstanding performers in the rail industry, and the 2018 PWI NSW award winners are listed below.


The day was capped off with a networking event sponsored by WSP where delegates could catch up with old friends and make new ones.







Thank you to all of our corporate and enhanced corporate members, particularly our platinum corporate members, for their continued support and helping the PWI NSW make this one of the best-value one-day conferences around. Thank you also to our presenters and session chairs for making the day such a great success.





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